Grading Tips for your Home

Posted on June 3, 2014 in Home Improvements

Do you have a problem with drainage around your house? Do any pools of water form around your home? The problem of poor drainage is common to many and solving it is a mess that is not easy to deal with. Grading is a method that ensures proper water drainage and it is very easy if one can follow the simple instructions offered. It applies the utilization of simple principles of force of gravity.

The procedures of doing land grading in Sherwood Park are very simple and one does not require having any technical knowledge. For a better and quality work while doing land grading here are the basic steps to follow.

  1. Mark the area
  2. This should be done while there is heavy rainstorm. Identify the areas with stagnant pools of water or where the water is not draining properly.

  3. Identifying the utility lines
  4. Since this is an activity that involves digging beneath the ground it is advisable to locate the area where the utility lines passes. If you cannot find them, ask for help from local authorities to avoid any damage.

  5. Mark the drainage line
  6. drainageThis will start from the pool where the drainage is poor in your home to the public drainage system.

  7. Mark the line to dig
  8. Place two stakes, first at one foot away from your foundation and second one a foot away from the end where water drains and join them with a string.

  9. Start digging.
  10. Measure the current grade before you dig from the end point stake. This is done by measuring the distance from the string and the ground. Then dig up 6 to 10 inches just enough to form a slope and put the soil aside.

  11. Replace the soil to form a grade
  12. Take the soil that has been set aside back to form a smooth downward slope. You can use a level to ensure the necessary gradient has been obtained and then smooth the newly created grade.

  13. Finish
  14. After all that, land grading has been achieved and you can wait for the rains to come and you will see water flow by gravity.

Most of the time, if you don’t want to do the work yourself, find the best landscaping Sherwood Park company and they will more than likely do it.


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