Tamper Resistant Screws Help Prevent License Plate Theft

Posted on June 5, 2014 in 

Theft of license plates has become the order of the day in almost all corners of the earth. Thieves are stealing these license plates to disguise a stolen vehicle, to commit other crimes and to violate traffic rules. Having your plate stolen can run you into hot soup especially when the license plate is used in a vehicle to commit a crime. It is your responsibility to ensure you are never a victim by embracing Security tips to prevent license plate theft. This article discusses such tips.

Use of anti-theft plate security screws will prevent their theft. These screws (or sometimes tamper proof bolts) are used to fasten the license plates on your vehicle. Anyone can fix them using any screwdriver but unfastening them requires a specialized tool that is only available to the police or any other authorized party.

security-boltsAlways ensure you park your vehicle in a public place that is well populated such that many people will see it. At night, make sure you park your vehicle in a well-lit area. Also ensure that you keep your vehicle’s rear facing driving lanes. Completely avoid pulling through parking areas.

It is always advisable to cut an X sign on the plate sticker using a razor blade. This way, if someone tries to pull the sticker off it will tear into pieces and hence can’t be placed on another vehicle.

Consider purchasing plastic covers for your license plates. These covers will make it difficult for thieves to remove your plate quickly due to the many bolts that have to be removed to take the plastic covers off.

It is very important to keep checking your plates often. By so doing, you will be able to spot people with evil intentions and call for help.

Just like aforementioned, thieves steal license plates and use them in committing crimes. By deterring thieves from stealing your plate you prevent a crime from taking place and also free yourself from getting on the wrong side of the law. Always follow the above discussed Security tips to prevent license plate theft.


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